ComPAIRables is a video word game that is brought to you by a Seattle production company called Filmateria Studios. The game compares 2 categories and lists 4 words, asking the viewer to figure out which word fits under what category. A new episode is uploaded each week and can be viewed (search "compairables") on,,,,,,,,,, and

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Renaissance Art Term or Three Stooges Insult? (Click for iTunes Video!)

a. Triptych
b. Numnuts
c. Tondo
d. Dimwit

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Southern Politician or Looney Tunes Character? (Click for iTunes Video!)

1. Fudd
2. Newt
3. Strom
4. Bugs

Presidential Advisor or Haiku Term? (Click for iTunes Video!)

a. Rice
b. Moon
c. Lotus
d. Snow

Senate Hopeful or Enologist Term? (Click for iTunes Video!)

1. DeWine
2. Vintner
3. Corker
4. Sommelier

Political Scandal or Hollywood Film? (Click for iTunes Video!)

1. WhiteWater
2. DarkWater
3. WaterWorld
4. WaterGate

Presidential Hopeful or American Nemesis? (Click for iTunes Video!)

1. Agran
2. al-Sadr
3. Osama
4. Obama