ComPAIRables is a video word game that is brought to you by a Seattle production company called Filmateria Studios. The game compares 2 categories and lists 4 words, asking the viewer to figure out which word fits under what category. A new episode is uploaded each week and can be viewed (search "compairables") on,,,,,,,,,, and

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Type of Rock or Unflattering Adjective? (Click for iTunes Video!)

A. Igneous
B. Unctuous
C. Supercilious
D. Gneiss

Wrestling Term or Stage of the Moon? (Click for iTunes Video!)

A. Full Nelson
B. Waning Crescent
C. Gibbous
D. Figure Four

Basketball Slang or British Verb? (Click for iTunes Video!)

A. Hoover
B. Hooper
C. Hoosier
D. Haver

Complimentary Adjective or Ancient Pope? (Click for iTunes Video!)

A. Beneficent
B. Boniface
C. Pius
D. Devout

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Olympic Athlete or Meaningless Phrase? (Click for iTunes Video!)

A. Ferd Brek
B. Gerd Bonk
C. Ard Schenck
D. Parv Melk

Legal Term or Roman Leader? (Click for iTunes Video!)

A. Marcus Aurelius
B. Habeas Corpus
C. Caius Ligarious
D. Writ of Mandamus